Subscribe To Orion: Prelude Video Covers New Concept Art, In-Game Footage And Free DLC Updates
A new video from Spiral Game Studios talks about the independent vision that’s fuelling the upcoming first-person action adventure game, Orion: Prelude. I’ve been impressed with some of the new indie games coming out this generation…they’ve been doing some really unique stuff, such as Limbo, Shank, Interstellar Marines, Shattered Horizon and now Orion: Prelude.

The new video sort of explains Spiral Game’s intentions for Orion, including the aim of turning the game into a franchise that stretches out as an entire trilogy. The first game, Orion: Prelude, will launch across multiple platforms, including the PS3, PC and Xbox 360. The developers plan to have free downloadable content available post-launch, featuring new weapons, armor, items, and dinosaurs…yes, dinosaurs.

You can check out the new video for the game below or head on over to the Official Website to learn a little more about this unique new indie title.

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