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It’s been awhile since we got the last teaser trailer from the upcoming sequel, Outlast 2. The video was very vague and extremely mysterious with only images of a burning cross. But what does it all mean? A newly released trailer—er, audio message, we should call it— hints at the fact that all of our questions could be answered at the upcoming PAX East. Check out the new audio message below.

The audio message clearly highlights the very date of PAX East as the fourth month and the 22nd day, or April 22, when PAX East is expected to kick off in Boston. So hopefully fans can expect some sort of reveal or more details about the upcoming sequel then.

Unfortunately, the “trailer” is only audio based and shows nothing more than a burning upside-down cross, very similar to the images we’ve seen in the previous teaser trailer.

The first installment of Outlast took place in an insane asylum that felt more like a prison. The player explored the asylum with nothing but a camera and had to endure ghouls and creeps in order to find a way out. Defenseless, it was up to the player to know the appropriate times to seek hiding and when it was okay to run—and it was utterly terrifying. Despite having an endless amount of jump-scares, I wasn’t a fan of the game. While I enjoy jump-scares, I enjoy a solid story more, and Outlast’s story felt loose. I’ll be interested to try Outlast 2 to compare its similarities and differences.

Maybe the best part about Outlast’s sequel is the game will be getting VR compatibility, just like its predecessor. And if there’s one horror game that can truly utilize the wondrous capabilities of VR, it’s Outlast.

PAX East will be kicking off in Boston on April 22 of this year. For more information, you can visit the official Outlast 2 website.

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