Konami is setting up to take the soccer world by storm this fall with PES 2016. There are a number of new features and improvements, including some of the brand new gameplay content thanks to the Fox Engine. They're taking a very different approach to the soccer concept as opposed to Electronic Arts and FIFA 16 by focusing on all new ways to control the ball, interact with the pitch and play as a goalie.

Over on the official Konami website there's a huge list of features being added to the game, including the ability to play a more advanced goalie game such as catching, blocking, deflecting and collapsing in order to get the most out of defending the net.

Brand new physics systems have been added to the game, advancing on what was introduced in PES 2015 by expanding the collision system and further calculating how players will interact and collide based on advanced dynamic outcomes. It sounds a little bit like NaturalMotion's Euphoria.

The collision system also works hand in hand with the new aerial strength mechanic, which allows players to battle it out in “aerial battles”. It basically means that different player stats and physiques will play a part in how you can control the ball and dominate the air game.

Taking a page out of the FIFA playbook, this time around Konami will be focusing on the one-on-one game when it comes to ball control. Players will be able to pull off advanced dodge and foot control techniques to keep the ball out of the grasp of opponents. Supposedly, the pitch design and conditions will also play a part in how well ball control will play out in this newest Pro Evolution Soccer title.

They've updated league features to allow players to make their own club, lead them to victory and battle for the top spot in the region. Even though PES 2015 looked amazing, there's also news that PES 2016 will have a major graphics overhaul, improving the core visual content with better rain, animation and player interaction. Speaking of rain... a new dynamic weather system is being implemented, which will affect the pitch, which in turn will affect ball control and player collisions.

The new dynamic weather system will allow for drizzles, moderate rain and downpours to occur during or throughout a match. The weather can also clear up. Slipping and falling plays a big part in PES 2016 so that's another leg-up that Konami has on the competition from EA and the FIFA series.

They've also increased the realism of the ball physics to include accurate calculated spin, bobble, ricochet, bounce and weight based on real life soccer dynamics. I hear this a lot in sport games... that in Madden NFL the ball will be more realistic – which I assume means the Patriots will deflate the ball a bit to make it easier to throw – or that in NBA 2K the ball will be more realistic, but the changes are always nearly infinitesimal when seeing the game in action. Nevertheless, the more the merrier.

With three times as many animations, new image porting and new dynamic camera angles, PES 2016 kind of sounds like the soccer game to beat this year. The game is due to drop on September 15th later this year for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.
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