The announcement hasn’t gone live on the PlayStation Blog just yet but, if the official PlayStation Youtube page is to be believed, it looks like we’ve got ourselves an early look at the Instant Game Collection offerings coming to PlayStation Plus in July, and it’s once again a pretty fantastic lineup.

In the time it took me to write that opening paragraph, the video, originally found here, has been set to private. Luckily, I’ve got a good memory and leaked news is still news. Given the circumstances, though, this should all be taken with a grain of salt. It’s entirely possible that the games lineup for July has changed. It’s also possible, and more likely, that the publish button was simply pushed a bit sooner than planned.

Either way, here’s what it looks like PlayStation Plus subscribers will be getting in July and, don’t forget, all of these games should be going live on the first Tuesday of the month, rather than spread out like in the past. The first Tuesday of the month happens to be next Tuesday, though, so we should know within the next couple of days here if this early list is legitimate or not.

First up, we’ll take a look at the PlayStation 3 offerings, which both feature mysterious universes for players to explore. One is filled with blood-thirsty monsters, however, while the other is home to lots and lots of environmental puzzles.

According to the video, Dead Space 3 will be joined by Vessel through Plus next month. The former continues the horror trilogy that has become a living nightmare for engineer Isaac Clarke while the other is a lovely new 2D platforming adventure game that uses physic-based puzzles to get the player thinking.

Over to the PlayStation Vita and we could be looking at an oddball mix of games that still happens to be tops in my book. Muramasa is a beautiful action game that sees the player taking control of two fated warriors who must fight through hordes of enemies in order to achieve their unique goals. The other is an adventure game of sorts, featuring lots of puzzle solving and off-the-wall side objectives, like taking creative personality tests.

Finally, the PlayStation 4 will be overrun with arrows and swords in July, as it looks like Towerfall: Ascension and Strider will be joining the Instant Game Collection. Strider is one part classic remake and one part new-school action platforming, featuring all of your favorite ninja moves and more than enough baddies to slice your way through. Towerfall, on the other hand, is a brilliant 2D arena-based battle game in which the players utilize bows and arrows, as well as a few game-altering upgrades. It’s addictive as hell and, honestly, it’s kind of brilliant to put it up on Plus. Even getting the game at no extra charge, there’s a very good chance that more than a few players will be bitten hard by the Towerfall bug, at which point they will run to the closest retailer and plop down some extra cash in order to get a full set of controllers.

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