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PS3 Consoles Banned In Prison To Prevent Escapes

Yes folks, it has gotten to the point where prisoners can use the superior power of the PlayStation 3 to further break the law, by planning prison breaks! The next logical step, of course, was to ban PlayStation 3 consoles from prisoners.

According to GNews [via The Guardian] Warwickshire’s Rye Hill Prison has its inmates under scrutiny for using PlayStation 3 consoles to try to contact outside associates. The console has been banned from being used in the prison because of its wireless capabilities and the option to do things only Xbox 360 owners could dream about doing…like installing Linux without modding your console.

As stated on the site, a spokesperson from the prison spoke to The Guardian, saying that “PlayStation 3 consoles are barred on the grounds that they have the capability to send and receive radio signals as an integral part of the equipment.”

Yeah, so some people are losing their jobs, getting evicted from their homes and having a tough time staying employed, yet prisoners have access to PlayStation 3 consoles that are being used to plan prison breaks? Nice.

You can check out the full article at The Guardian. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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