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PS3 Has Support From A Vision, Literally

Trinigy and SCE have joined together to bring end-users the ability to develop games for the PS3, using the Vision Engine. What’s even better is that gamers could be seeing projects that otherwise wouldn’t even have been considered for the PS3, as possible ports for Sony’s next-gen console.

The recent announcement by Trinigy has put the Vision Engine as a top middleware component for the Playstation 3. This is coming off of their recent announcement for having multi-threaded support for multi-core systems, which logically coincides with their PS3 association. So games being designed using the Vision will have a lot of multi-core support to take advantage of all that raw horse power bundled up in the PS3. Added to this, developers will already have built-in support for the Ageia PhysX, making the Vision an engine to be reckoned with.

But what of the games currently being designed for the PC, using the Vision? Well, I asked Trinigy’sFelix Roeken if it would be possible for current projects for the PC to make a seamless transition over onto the PS3. His responded with the following... “Naturally - as a rule of thumb - the earlier a multi-platform approach is planned within a game production the easier the porting will arise (e.g. with regard to art assets, shaders used and multithreading paradigms).”

However, given the compatibility of the Vision 6.0 multi-core PhysX supporting engine, he continued on to say “I remember we managed to port a full PC-based game prototype of a client of us to Xbox360 within a week in fact - but this was an emergency case and should not be made a rule.” I’m sure it’s a rule us gamers wouldn’t want enforced, given that the games would probably end up being crappier than a collaborative rap CD by Kevin Federline and John Cena.

But with more than 60 titles in the making, using the Vision Engine, you can visit Trinigy’s Main Website for more information regarding their partnership with Sony and some of the game titles currently in development.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.