Someday the PS3 Slim might look a bit chunky. A Polish retailer has sent out a newsletter that mentions a new PS3 model, presumably lighter and thinner than its predecessor, is being prepared for release.

The current rumor is that Sony will offer the new PS3 iteration with two different hard drives. The model with 12GB of flash memory will cost €199. A PS3 with 500GB will be priced at €299.

The Polish retailer's advertisement (via Polygamia) contains the date September 28th. Assuming this image is legit, that's probably the day that Polish gamers can expect to see this new model in stores. The exact date may vary for other countries, though.

Sony is expected to release a new console in late 2013. This new version of the PS3 would give them some new and shiny hardware to sell in the mean time. It might be sexy and affordable enough to attract Johnny-Come-Lately's. Perhaps they'll get some PS3 veterans with fatter versions to upgrade, too.

This year's Tokyo Game Show will kick off on September 20th. I doubt Sony would let the occasion pass without a mention of this sexier PS3.

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