The San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner and many big names in the pop-cultural world of media consumption have come forward to announce their presence at the big the event, including Microsoft who made it known that they would have playable Xbox One games at the convention. Not to be outdone by the mini 'M', Sony has also declared that the gauntlet has been accepted and the PS4 will also be in attendance.

Gamespot spotted the news and made note of Sony's presence at the convention, where the company will also have playable PlayStation 4 units out and available on the show floor for gamers and pop-culture aficionados alike to partake in the pre-release experience of Sony's latest home gaming platform.

According to Gamespot, Sony has confirmed that they will bring three playable games to the exhibit center where convention goers will be able to get some hands on time with games like Driveclub, the brand new IP from Evolution Studios that could effectively rival Forza Motorsport. Knack will also be in attendance, the game heralded for possibly bringing back a mascot to the PlayStation brand... however, I don't really like the look of that Knack fellow and the thing just kind of lacks the edgy appeal of characters like Crash Bandicoot and Sackboy. Last but not least is Octodad. This game has had gamers the world around “wooting” and cheering because it's one of the most ridiculous games ever. Check out the trailer below.

Sony is actually heading into Comic-Con at a huge advantage. If we remember correctly they were coming out of E3 with a huge advantage over Microsoft after dropping the massive bomb that was the lack of used game restrictions, which sent the crowd and the internet into a frenzy. At least, on a policy front, they were rocking gold grills and some shiny bling, bling.

To make matters better for Sony, it was also revealed that many of their important games being showcased to show floor guests and media alike were mostly running on PS4 dev kits, as opposed to the Xbox One, which had many of its games running on more stabilized, high-end PC hardware.

In addition to showcasing games, Sony will also have a panel for the The Last of Us: American Dreams graphic novel, with creative director Neil Druckmann and comic book artist Faith Erin Hicks on board. There will also be some additional content for PS3 and PS Vita, but no one cares about those two anymore.

You can check out the Sony exhibit at the San Diego Comic-Con next weekend between June 18th and June 21st. Could Sony see a three-peat from their last two outings, coming away the victor? Time and pre-order sales will tell.

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