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So we already know that the PS4 is definitely the popular choice amongst gamers ever since Sony announced that they were still pro-gamer and Microsoft originally announced they were pro-DRM. Well, the polls continue to fall on the side of the PS4, along with the pre-order numbers.

Recently Gamestop revealed that they had more than 1.5 million gamers on the “First To Know” list, following Sony's admission that they had well over a million pre-orders on hand for their next-generation console, as noted in our own articles as well as on Expert Reviews.

Additionally, polls continue to gauge users (though they are not scientific) to see whether or not people are as engaged with the release of the PS4 as the pre-order numbers seem to indicate. Even at the recent PAX Prime there was obvious bias toward the PS4 from the general gaming community.

In fact, Games Radar did a quick check-in with the attendees of PAX Prime to see which console many of the convention-goers preferred and it was kind of obvious that one console stood head and shoulders above the other, although, it wasn't quite a landslide victory for Sony's next-gen machine. Check it out below.

Even at Dragon Con 2013, the Examiner notes that the console war fell in favor of the PS4 during the Xbox One versus PS4 panel, despite the discussion revolving around the Xbox One.

VG 24/7 also recently noted that analysts have estimated that the PS4 will ship about 1.8 million units this holiday season, while the Xbox One is only gauged to move 1.3 million SKUs. Some analysts believe that moving 3 million SKUs throughout the holiday season seems a bit unlikely, but as noted on, Sony expects to barrel past that number and move at least 5 million SKUs before March, 2014.

Around the web, gamers are continually participating in polls and making note in favor of the PS4, we were even provided an embedded poll courtesy of and most of the results seem to tie in with previous polls by IGN, Kotaku and even the now infamous global Twitter poll by Gamespot that was gamed by bots trying to bolster the appeal of the Xbox One.

There are still people who believe the Xbox One is still an NSA spy box. The PS4 still seems to reign supreme in terms of which one people would prefer to buy, and most people – in the polls – seem to show signs that the PS4 is still the preferred console, even after all of Microsoft's 180s.

The only poll that seems to really favor Microsoft is the one that pits it against Nintendo's Wii U, where the Xbox One comes out the victor. Although, that isn't saying much.

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