PS4 Error CE-34878-0 Is Corrupting Save Files

Many PS4 owners are experiencing a bug called Error CE-34878-0. This glitch is said to wipe out save files in multiple games and even prevent games from running altogether.

"I've been getting this on NBA 2K14 since this evening," reads the first post on a lengthy thread on the PS4 support forum. "The game is completely unplayable. I know it's happened with other games for people and it happened to me on Battlefield yesterday but seems to be working okay today."

Later posts on the same thread mention similar issues with FIFA 14, Assassin's Creed 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts and pretty much every other launch title for the console. The fact that the bug isn't limited to one specific game suggests that it's an issue rooted in the console itself.

What clouds the situation, though, is that there are game-specific bugs related to save files out there. For example, Battlefield 4 on PS4 is notorious for wiping single-player progress.

The bug doesn't appear to be a new one, either. The forum thread in question has been collecting posts since the console launched. The bug isn't tied to say, a new system update.

There doesn't appear to be a consistent workaround for the bug. Some users reported that deleting the save files or going offline helps. Others suggested more drastic measures, like deleting entire games, rebooting in safe mode and then re-downloading the game. A few gamers resorted to exchanging their PS4's for new consoles. A couple videos showing off workarounds are below.

Sony hasn't announced a fix but they're currently looking into the bug.

"We are aware of the cases and we appreciate your patience while we investigate," a company spokesperson told Eurogamer.

January and early February are generally slow for game releases so that minimizes the inconvenience of this bug. I hope Sony manages to correct the issue before Thief arrives, though. Don't you dare get between me and Garrett. We made plans to blackjack a noble and steal his golden urn.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.