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Just in time for the holidays, the PlayStation 4 and all of its various bundles are set to receive a permanent price cut, dropping Sony’s new gaming box down to just $349.99.

This announcement has been a while in the making, following the arrival of a similar drop in price in Japan earlier this year, as well as rumor and speculation courtesy of Team Xbox and an online oopsie-daisy from Target.

With so many signs pointing to an eventual price drop, folks who have been following the news probably won’t be surprised to learn that, as of today, Sony has made the discount official through a recent update on the PlayStation Blog.

Final word came from SCEA VP of Platforms Marketing John Koller, who argues that now would be a good time to join the PS4 family if you’ve been holding out for the past two years.
If you haven’t made the jump yet, and you’re starting early on your holiday wish list, I have good news – we’re dropping the price of the PlayStation 4 system in the U.S. and Canada. Starting tomorrow, October 9, you’ll be able to pick up PS4 starting at the new price of $349.99 USD / $429.99 CAD (MSRP).

Koller goes on to state that the Sony folks believe this is another way to provide the “best gameplay experiences at the best value,” so it’s something to consider if you still haven’t pulled the trigger on a next gen console.

Along with the price cut on the standard version of the console, all of the recently announced PlayStation 4 bundles will also receive a dip in price when they arrive. The Uncharted; The Nathan Drake Collection bundle and the Star Wars Battlefront bundle will both cost that standard $349.99. The Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront bundle and the Limited Edition Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars bundles will now cost $399.99, which is also a drop of 50 bucks from their original price points. If you’ve been eyeing the Limited Edition Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 1TB model, then you can now expect to drop $429.99. Finally, and available only in Canada, the NHL 16 bundle can be yours for a discounted $429.99.

We’re pretty happy to see Sony making this announcement now, just in time for those folks who do their holiday shopping super early to save a few extra bucks.

But we’re curious: If you haven’t picked up a PS4 yet, is this the news/bundle you’ve been waiting on? Are you finally tumbling off the fence or are you planning to keep holding out for a particular price or game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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