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The worldwide president and head honcho over Sony, Kazuo Harai, oftentimes referred to as Kaz, Kaz-Man and Crab-Kicker Kazuo-san, had some interesting things to say at the All Things Digital D11 conference regarding the PlayStation 4 and its core design.

Venturebeat captured the quotes from the Giant Enemy Crab-Kicker and Riiiidge Racer himself, who stated that...
I fundamentally believe that the initial market that we need to make sure we appeal to with any new platform … is really the gaming audience,” ... “They will be the supporters of your platform and they will help propel the installed base.”

“But that’s after we establish the platform as a video game platform. We want to make sure that we are there for the gamers with our PS4 as well. They will go beyond this, but they’ll definitely start with gamer first.”... “For us, it’s all about the gamers.”

Given that the summit wasn't really about DRM and stuff, Kaz didn't bother bringing up the #PS4NoDRM movement that has been sweeping the core gaming communities, headed up by NeoGaf member Peter Dodd. Previously, Kaz did drop a line about the top execs at Sony listening with a hilarious troll response about DRM coming to the PS Vita (although it's not what you think.)

Still, even ignoring the whole DRM debacle that actually started over outed policies from Microsoft, Kaz and crew have made it abundantly clear that there will be a wealth of gaming opportunities and smorgasbord of fun awaiting them on the PlayStation 4 because they're definitely going to use your TV for gaming.

We can expect to get a clear idea of what the policies of both Microsoft and Sony will be once E3 rolls around on June 10th. I think it's safe to say that this will probably be the most explosive E3 ever, assuming Microsoft doesn't get up on stage and spend an hour and a half rambling about television, sports, television, sports and Kinect. At this point, though, E3 is Sony's to lose and all they have to do is keep doing what they're doing.

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