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While many gamers experienced outages across the PlayStation Network yesterday, it appears all servers are firing on all cylinders once again, as services return to normal following an unexpected blackout.

It’s not uncommon for the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live to go down. Usually it’s a brief outage or the result of scheduled maintenance. When functionality doesn’t return to normal quickly and no such maintenance has been announced, however, folks begin to worry.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday for the PlayStation Network, with some gamers losing service across multiple functionalities for several hours. As of right now, the PlayStation Network Service Status ticker has everything from account management to PlayStation Music showing a green light, with a big check mark in the “All services are up and running” field. That wasn’t the case through much of Jan. 4, which had many folks concerned.

While Sony has since confirmed that PlayStation Network is back up and running, the company has not yet explained why the system went down. Whether it was an internal issue or something threatening the system externally remains unclear.

Unfortunately, external threats happen more than you think. The PlayStation Network was brought to its knees just a couple of years ago due to insidious hackers, resulting in weeks’ worth of empty downtime for gamers. Last holiday season, hacker groups assaulted both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network in order to ruin gaming on Christmas day. Folks booted up their shiny new consoles to play Destiny or Battlefield but found themselves unable to even set up an account.

More recently, Valve stated that the Steam servers are under attack on a daily basis. I guess some folks like to play Counter-Strike while others like to serve as a killjoy for hundreds of thousands of people who just want to enjoy their favorite hobby.

Thankfully, all of these issues have served one positive purpose: Both Sony and Microsoft appear to have doubled down on their security measures. There were only minor outages for PlayStation Network through this most recent holiday season and, let’s face it, a loss of service for a few hours isn’t all that terrible.

Still, it would be nice to hear what, exactly, was the cause of the outage. Again, yesterday’s issues on the PlayStation Network didn’t affect all gamers. While some were left out in the cold for a few hours, just dreaming of the Star Wars Battlefront matches they were missing out on, others had zero problems across the board. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if Sony ever releases an official statement pertaining to the outage but, for now, feel free to jump online and get back to playing.
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