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Gamers have a lot of things on their mind when it comes to what they want improved out on the PlayStation Network and what they would like to see added functionally to the PS4. Well, it appears Sony may be listening because they could be adding some of the most-wanted features... soon.

A user on NeoGaf posted up an image from a survey they were recently sent that asked them what they wanted most as an important update for the PlayStation services.

The list is rather impressive, as it asks what sort of things gamers would want out of PSN, including notifications when friends come online – a feature, I might add, that's already present in Steam and Xbox Live. There's an option for “PS2 classics”, something I'm sure many nostalgia-driven gamers would love to see. “Folders” also makes the cut, but breaking everything down into folders seems like just turning your PlayStation into Windows Explorer... and in that case why not just get a PC with an emulator?

Joining “PS2 classics” is “PS1 classics” on the survey. I presume they mean remastered games? The PlayStation Now option already allows gamers to revisit older classics in the PlayStation library but it's just not the most convenient service given the price.

One of my favorites on the survey is “Appear Offline”. This is great if you just don't feel like dealing with people on your friends list. It's definitely something every online service needs and should really be mandatory if so many services are forcing people to go online to make the fullest use of them. Not everyone likes chatting and sharing pics and getting notifications all the time while they're online. “Appear Offline” is a great way to have some privacy when you decide to game. Valve was smart to add this feature early on in the lifespan of Steam.

One feature I have seen people ask about frequently also makes the cut on the survey, and that's to completely hide or remove a game entirely from your PlayStation library, including demos. I'm sure there are owners of the P.T. Demo who just broke out in a cold sweat thinking about an ex who might come over and delete the demo for good as way of getting revenge. Hey, you should have left the toilet seat down when she said so and you wouldn't have that problem.

In addition to completely removing items from your library there's also the option to deletes items from your library, I imagine this is for specific files a little like on the seventh gen consoles and OG Xbox?

A more Steam-esque option on the list is the ability to filter options in your library by category. This could be great for people who have a very long list of games. I found that alphabetical order keeps it simple, but for people who prefer a certain kind of organization to their software library it would make sense to only show games that are installed or new games without DLC (assuming those exist), etc., etc.

A more Xbox-centric option on the survey is to download avatars for the PS4. That seems like an interesting route to take but I would imagine that it would be like PlayStation Home-lite. Then again, a revamped PlayStation Home wouldn't be a bad thing, right?

A few other options on the survey includes choosing your own PSN ID, increasing the party size when playing online, and a store wish list. One of the most requested features from a lot of PS4 owners is custom backgrounds and that did manage to make the list. Don't be surprised if it ends up in an upcoming firmware update... soon.

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