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If you’re looking to buy a bunch of Japan-inspired games at a fraction of the usual cost, then you’ll want to swing by the PlayStation Network storefront sometime in the next seven days. It’s Golden Week across the pond and, to celebrate, PSN shoppers can expect savings of up to 75 percent off on dozens of games from Japanese developers, as well as games that have a distinctly Japanese vibe.

A Japanese holiday that actually observes multiple special occasions at once, Golden Week is a time in Japan when folks kick back, relax and take part in various festivities. While we may not celebrate Golden Week here in the States, we can at least take part in the event in spirit through lots and lots of discounts.

It kind of fits the profile, right? If you had a week off from school and work, you’d probably play a lot of games and watch a bunch of movies. Now you can do exactly that, as the PSN Golden Week sale knocks off up to 66 percent of the regular price tag for a whole bunch of content for regular shoppers, and up to 75 percent off for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

You’ve got about a week to take advantage of the Golden Week sales, which discounts games across all PlayStation platforms. The promotion ends on May 4. You’ll want to check out the official listing on the PlayStation Blog for a full rundown of discounted games and movies, because there are far, far too many to list here. We will, however, cherry pick a few standouts we’ve noticed.

If you’re wanting to celebrate Japan and its otaku culture, you won’t find anything better than Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed. This game is heavily influenced by anime and manga, as well as the people who consume it. Set in the famous Electric District of Japan, you’ll need to battle psychic vampires and rip off their clothes in order to expose them to the sun’s dangerous rays.

Loads of JRPGs are also on sale for the PS3 this week, including Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, Ateiler Rorona Plus and Time of Eternity.

Despite all of the drama going on involving Konami lately, it’s important to remember that the publisher has had some bright moments, too. Games from both the Metal Gear and Castlevania series are included in this week’s sale.

Speaking of fan-favorites, you can also look for a bunch of Shonen Jump properties to pour loads of hours into, including games from the One Piece universe, as well as Naruto and Dragon Ball Z.

Looking for some fighting games? Everything from Chaos Code to BlazBlue and Skullgirls is up for grabs, as well as the popular rhythm series Hatsune Miku: Project Diva.

You can also look for games from other popular franchises, like Resident Evil, Harvest Moon and Dynasty Warriors.
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