One of the best things about E3 season is the announcement of new games, especially if those new games appear to be from a brand new IP. That certainly looks to be the case with the latest trailer posted on the Sony Japan website, apparently for a new game called Panopticon.

There's a mixture of a lot of things I like going on in this trailer. While there is no actual gameplay on display, the CG action that is shown off looks a lot like Persona meets Gods Eater. Angsty teens working cooperatively to destroy giant monsters? Yes, please. And am I going crazy here, or does that song playing in the background sound an awful lot like the Metal Gear Solid theme?

Over the past week, the Panopticon webpage has been a placeholder for a clock counting all the way up to one million. It was tricky to know when the reveal would actually take place, as these sorts of things usually count down to zero. But the whole thing came to an end this morning, revealing the decidedly awesome trailer in its wake.

Hopefully we'll here more about this mystery game in the coming weeks. If nothing else, it pretty much has to be a topic for discussion at this year's E3 even in early June, right? I'm guessing we're either looking at a late-life PS3 game or a PS4 launch title. Then again, that PS Vita is capable of pulling off some pretty spiffy action. I guess we'll just have to be patient on this one.

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