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Payday 2 Nightclub Heist Video Takes Surprising Turn

Stealing from the Russian mafia... sounds simple, right? Well, even if it doesn't sound simple, two thieves thought it would be a cake walk given that all they had to do was waltz into a nightclub, subdue the manager in his office and make off with the loot without causing a ruckus. Too bad it didn't happen that way in the latest Payday 2 heist attempt.

The video actually starts rather calm – the two make their way into the club and joke about the terrible music and crappy nightclub atmosphere: expensive drinks, cheap laughs and phony conversation leading up to a $2 condom from the Anaconda machine. The laughs didn't last long, though, and things soon began to quickly devolve as the environment went from caustic enjoyment to frantic panic.

The duo incidentally tripped suspicion from one of the Russian guards and after that point... it was on.

Things – despite “going south” – actually didn't turn out too bad for the duo at first. The two kept their calm, disposed of the club's armed security and proceeded to lift goods from the manager's office. The only problem is that they had to get into the office first and it was locked behind a vaulted door. Nice.

Escalation became the name of the game, and tension was the pastime of the would-be thieves as they waited for the drill to get through the door. The panic they instilled into the bliss-bound dance-floor goers just moments earlier was a panic they themselves began to experience as the police arrived before they were able to get into the manager's office.

This is where things went from “gone south” to “comfortably about to become a permanent resident in Tartarus next to a lot of other goons, robbers and thieves”. The entire thing became an uncomfortably entertaining exercise in incompetence.

Nevertheless, the duo found themselves grasping at every inch of success through the mission by the metal shavings of every bullet they fired. As the small room in the back of the building filled with danger and the duo saw themselves running out of luck, things finally picked up when the door to the manager's office opened and they were once again trapped while waiting to drill into the vault itself.

From here, the confidence that the two exercised early on leading up to that moment had eventually chipped away when they were alerted about the presence of snipers and heavily armed SWAT moving into position.

The quintessential botch job is what the mission became once it dawned on the two gunmen that they had no med kits and they had no plan on how to get out of the nightclub alive. That's right... they had no plan for escape and they were trapped. Another typical Payday 2 scenario? Perhaps.

From there the mission devolved from a screwed up robbery into a desperate attempt for survival. None of it went well and the two eventually met their demise as one was gunned down on the dance floor while the other met his end when he stepped outside, only to scrub up the surrounding air of all the bullets like a flesh mop for the deadly projectiles. He died. The end.

The harrowing depiction above could be retold in a different way... a stealthy way... a violent way... a successful way, if you're willing. All you have to do is pick up a digital copy of Payday 2 for the home console or PC of your choice at the end of the month. You can learn more about Payday 2 by paying a visit to the game's official website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.