Payday 2 is shaping up to be one of the most amazing games this generation. The random mission parameters, ever-changing map attributes and NPC uncertainties makes Payday 2 such an intense experience and very difficult to execute stealth operations effectively. Well, two new videos showcase, for the first time ever, how to get in and out using 100% stealth, based on a lot of preparation and teamwork.

Usually, all the previous videos we've tossed up of Payday 2 have consisted of the team executing a heist, starting out half-way okay and then completely failing and going all haywire. It usually turns out like Reservoir Dogs, just without the team-killing.

So, this video marks the first time the public has been exposed to a team going on a heist where they mostly manage to get in and out without firing any weapons. It takes a ton of skill and requires a lot of planning and team precision.

Unlike the other heists, we actually get to see how players would deal with some of the complexities of the mission without instantly devolving into a shooting fests.

The video above wasn't the first attempt at doing the mission right, though. The Eurogamer chap had actually tried his hand with the team at doing things stealthily before, only to ruin it for everybody by trying to play spot-the-nipple-through-the-guard's shirt and it all went to Barbados from there. In fact, the noobosity of that Eurogamer chap was so fail that it deserves to be showcased in the video below. Just watch.

It definitely makes you appreciate the video at the top of the article after witnessing that atrocity, eh?

Still, I love Payday 2 for giving players the option of recovering a bad situation and finding ways to rebound an epic fail, like the one committed by the poor noob in the video just above.

We've yet to see any heists taking place in one of the bigger banks or involving the more complex scenarios, but we'll probably see them soon enough. I also can't wait to see how a team will stealthily make their way through one of the more high-security facilities. That will make for some interesting watching... and playing.

Payday 2 is scheduled to launch very soon for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. You can pre-order the game right now on Steam or visit the official website to learn more.

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