505 Games and Overkill Software released a new video trailer for Payday 2 featuring lead game director David Goldfarb who walks gamers through some of the features, maps, weapons and new additions to this thrilling sequel to the well-received, mid-budget shooter, Payday: The Heist.

The original game wasn't really my cup of tea. I bought it out of novelty more-so than because it was well done or intense. It essentially boiled down to: carry out 'X' objective and shoot a bunch of mindless cops until you can proceed to objective 'Y'. It was derivative and trite while providing only menial amounts of fun in sparse segments of bullet-riddled cooperative gameplay.

I can thankfully say that Payday 2 looks to rectify and fix all the problems of the first game, while also introducing brand new mechanics that help both alleviate the repetition and move the game beyond the standard shoot-fest that dominated majority of Payday's play-span.

Let's also not forget that the original title didn't afford for much versatility in gameplay style: If you were a mouse-wrecking spitballer who could ace more headshots than Solid Snake on a diazpam binge, you were king. Stealthers, planners and strategist need not apply.

The above scenario is no longer the be-all, end-all situation for Payday 2. The game now affords for some pretty spiffy stealth mechanics – as showcased in the video above – where players can scout an area, plan out the heist and proceed to take down a location using high-tech gadgets, lots of common sense and a bit of AI path-finding luck.

The introduction of additional mechanics and play schemes also means that some players may not be inclined to take on specific roles during a heists. Not all of you need to be crack-shot snipers and quick-scopers to survive a round. Maybe you'll have a guy who is ace at getting in unnoticed, or maybe you'll have a guy who specializes in subduing hostages or maintaining a steady situation when things begin to spiral out of control. It's a really amazing setup for some equally amazing possibilities.

Payday 2 will also – as showcased in the video – expand beyond the typical bank robbing locations. It's not just about hitting the same few places over and over again. A lot of the conditions, AI, and checkpoints will randomize and some of the locations you hit will include jewelry stores, safe houses, local banks and big banks.

Getting to the drop point isn't always guaranteed and not everyone will make it out, as recounted in Ryan's tale of tragedy, death, betrayal and victory when he had some hands-on time with the game during E3.

You can look for Payday 2 to launch this August for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is looking really good so far and you can learn more by paying a visit to the official website.

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