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Overkill Software released the first premium DLC pack for their co-op shooter Payday: The Heist. The new gameplay content, which includes two new heists, can be purchased through PSN or Steam for $9.99.

The first heist, "Undercover," tasks players with fighting off police who trying to break up a back alley deal. "Counterfeit" is centered around an underground money printer. Players have to be quiet or they'll cause civilians to run and call the police.

The new missions are just one part of the DLC pack. Wolfpack also introduces new Trophies/Achievements and raises the level cap. The auto handgun, assault rifle and grenade launcher will give players new ways to fend off the fuzz. They can also take on the role of the Technician, a character with a sentry-gun and tool kit.

You don't have to buy Wolfpack to try it out. You can join a match hosted by someone who owns the DLC and play the new content for no charge. This should prevent the player community from fragmenting and also seduce players into purchasing the DLC.

In honor of Wolfpack's release, Steam is offering Payday at a 75% discount. This brings the game's price down to $4.99, half the cost of the DLC itself.

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