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Persona 4 Golden is set to release this fall for the PlayStation Vita and, if you’re super serious about your love for all things Persona, you might want to consider going all out with the limited Solid Gold Premium Edition. As the name implies, you’ll net yourself a bunch of nifty extras to go along with the game proper, all at the Solid Gold Premium Price of $69.99.

Atlus has announced that only 10,000 copies of this special edition of Persona 4 Golden will be made available so, if you’re thinking of picking one up, you might want to get it pre-ordered with a quickness.

“The release of Persona 4 Golden in Japan marked the single largest spike in hardware sales since the start of the year and it continues to be among the country’s most popular games,” said Atlus Manager of Public Relations and Sales, Aram Jabbari. “Acknowledging comparable levels of excitement in North America—indicated by projections that P4G will be the most pre-ordered single-platform game in Atlus history—we are thrilled to offer the region-exclusive Solid Gold Premium Edition. It is loaded with as many prized collectibles as possible, all of which are the exact same items made available in Japan, down to the use of the original title, Persona 4: The Golden.”

Included in the package will be a copy of the game (we would certainly hope so), a Hori Hard Pouch for storing the PS Vita, a Hori Face Cover, a protective skin featuring Persona 4 artwork and a bunch of stickers you can use to decorate, well, pretty much whatever you want (within the limits of the law, of course).

If you somehow need even more info on Persona 4 Golden, head on over to its official page on the Atlus website. Otherwise, 10,000 copies aren’t going to last very long. You might want to hurry up and get those pre-orders worked out.