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After the huge success of the most recent games in the Persona series, it should come as no surprise that the fifth iteration in that beloved line of Shin Megami Tensei games is heading down the pipeline. And, based on the stylish new trailer for Persona 5, it looks like this next installment might be heading in some interesting new directions, too.

Persona 3 and Persona 4 were big hits on the PlayStation 2, eventually blossoming into genre mega-giants once upgraded versions of the RPGs were released on the PlayStation Vita. Now Persona 5 is in development and, while much of what we’ve seen so far looks like classic tropes of the series, a unique cast and what appears to be more action-heavy gameplay could be making for some interesting evolutions for the series on the PlayStation 3 and PS4.

The Persona series typically focuses on a collection of angst-ridden teens trying to figure out their place in this world while, you know, fighting for their lives in an alternate dimension. It looks like Persona 5 will have a smaller cast than most games in the series, focusing on a trio of youngsters who find themselves pulled into a mysterious conspiracy that could cost them their lives. Oh, and they’ve apparently got an adorable cat companion, too, because of course they do.

While previous Persona games feature big worlds you can explore in traditional RPG fashion, talking up the locals and taking part in various side activities, it looks like Persona 5 will require some actual platforming and exploration. Skip to a little past halfway through the new trailer and you’ll see our black-haired hero jumping through the air, darting between cover points and more.

The brief glimpse of combat looks like it will remain turn-based, with the characters firing guns and pummeling their foes while dressed in costumes that make them look a bit like a bird or a cat. You know, typical JRPG stuff.

Atlus pulled back the curtain on the new trailer at a special event held yesterday morning. Since then, fans all over the internet have been buzzing with excitement, trying to pick apart every scene to glean whatever they can from its three-minute runtime.

Since 2014 was pretty decent for RPGs, I take this as a strong sign that 2015 will continue the trend. I’m also stoked to see this slight shift in tone for Persona 5. Not that anything really needed to change for the series, I much prefer when a developer is willing to take a few chances. Looking like some sort of crime noir meets supernatural super heroes mix, here’s looking forward to learning even more about the upcoming Atlus title as we get closer to launch.
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