Lionhead Studios founder and Fable designer Peter Molyneux sounded off on the Wii U during E3. He says that he's unsure of Nintendo's new console due to its controller.

The Wii U's controller is an unusual device. It's a tablet with a touchscreen in the middle and buttons on either side. This touchscreen can be used simply to show information to the player, such as a map of the game world. Other games integrate it into the actual controls of the game. For example, Batman: Arkham Asylum will allow you to detonate explosive gel by tapping the screen.

While this controller gives developers more flexibility, Molyneux believes the dual screen setup is more trouble than it's worth.

"I am not really decided about Wii U," Molyneux told Eurogamer's sister site Games Industry Germany."I watch people playing and they sometimes seem to be confused about which screen they should look at when they play with the tablet."

"I also feel that monitoring both screens turns out to be a bit demanding, as some games make it necessary to change your view from time to time between both screens.""

It's really going to depend on how developers utilize the technology. I think maps and other information displays will be easy enough to adjust to. Players are used to taking their eyes off the action for a second to check their minimap in the corner of the screen.

Using the touchscreen for actual gameplay functions might be sketchier. It would be really awkward to have to look down at the controller every time I want to, say, aim a bow and arrow shot. If we're talking about actions that don't require the player to look down - like just swiping the screen to slash an enemy - then it could work. However, that sort of setup wouldn't make use of the visual display of the touchscreen at all.

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