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Every Monday, Nintendo adds two new games to WiiWare and one new game to Virtual Console. This Monday's no exception but it's a pretty random collection this week: Phantasy Star IV, Fun! Fun! Minigolf and Tiki Towers are now available for download.

Phantasy Star IV, the Virtual Console addition, is a role-playing game that first appeared on Sega Genesis back in the mid-nineties. It's the third Phantasy Star game to appear on VC (the other two being PS II and PS III) and costs 800 Wii Points ($8). Players control Chaz Ashley, a young bounty hunter who must save his entire solar system from annihilation.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf (900 Wii Points) is a Wiimote-enabled mini-golf game. You can play with up to three friends or by yourself on 27 holes across (virtual) America. The other Wii Ware title, Tiki Towers (500 Wii Points), is a construction puzzle game that puts you in control of a team of five monkeys. You have to build towers and bridges out of bamboo, coconuts, and vines in order to traverse obstacles. Tiki supports single-player and two player cooperative play; there's a "don't play with your monkey by yourself" masturbation-themed joke to be had there but it eludes me at this early hour.