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Pinball Arcade is set to expand on PlayStation consoles as FarSight Studios announces four new tables coming to the PlayStation 4, PS 3 and Vita, as well as a licensing agreement for the single most requested table so far, Addams Family.

When Pinball Arcade hit the scene a few years back, it offered a relatively small collection of classic pinball tables revitalized in digital form. It's getting harder and harder to find these classic machines out in the wild these days, so games like Pinball Arcade give players a chance to experience some of the greatest tables ever made in all of their silver-ball-thwacking glory.

Following release, the studio started churning out additional tables on a regular basis, including both original themes and those based on popular licenses like Star Trek and Terminator. That tradition is alive and well in 2014, though it's been quite a few months since a new table has popped up on a PlayStation platform. According to FarSight Community Manager Mike Lindsey, though, the team is about to make up for the extended break with a shotgun blast of new content, boasting four more classic tables players will be eager to get their hands on.

First up is Black Knight 2000, sequel to one of the most popular classic tables of all time. Originally released in 1989, BK2K is a two-field table offering some tricky angles and objectives that see the player waging war against the titular armored menace.

WHO dunnit is another popular table, this one coming from the mid-90's and featuring a table designed to look like a mysterious mansion. A murder has been committed and it's up to the player to figure out who the culprit is by finding clues and interrogating witnesses.

Another mid-80's classic, High Speed, is all about whipping the ball around the table at, you guessed it, high speeds. According to a bit of history provided by FarSight, High Speed was the first table to feature a complete song being played in the background, as well as a multi-ball jackpot that you could carry over between games.

Finally, there's Junk Yard, from 1996. This table is something of a monster, offering an open playing field on the lower half of the table and loads of ramps and alleys for players to aim for. There were also loads of animated “toys” peppered throughout the table, which made this one a lot of fun to watch, as well as play.

All four of those new tables will be launching on the PlayStation 3 and Vita on July 15, also known as next Tuesday. As in the past, the tables will be cross-buy between those two platforms. The tables will then arrive on the PS4 on July 22, just one week later. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the PS4 version of the tables will be included in the cross-buy deal. Kind of understandable, considering the upgraded physics, lighting and additional work that has to go into those new gen versions.

And in a final bit of fantastic news, it looks like FarSight has cleared up the rights to produce one of the most famous tables to ever grace an arcade, The Addams Family. The licensing is going to cost a decent chunk of change, though, so expect to hear about a Kickstarter launching to fund the development later this summer.
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