Play Dragon: Age Inquisition For Free Right Now

BioWare's western fantasy adventure Dragon Age: Inquisition is an engaging and sprawling RPG that's got content for days. It's also free to play right now, if you're still trying to work out if you should purchase it or not.

Through EA's Origin distribution service, you can download the special Dragon Age: Inquisition trial for unlimited play in the game's multiplayer mode and trek through the world of Thedas in the enormous single-player mode. Six hours may seem like a drop in the bucket when it comes to the grand scheme of things in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but if you don't spend too much time in the character creation menu like I did upon my initial playthrough, that's enough time to get a lot accomplished.

For instance, you could likely trek all the way through Haven, the first village you come to in the Frostback Mountains, and complete a full set of quests. Or, you could emulate my many attempts to complete similar open-world RPGs, ignore the main questline, and scamper about getting into mischief and entering areas you haven't reached a high enough level to take on. Whatever floats your boat. But you've got 6 hours to take the plunge for free, mind. By then, it should be more than evident if you want to plunk down the full $59.99 for the digital download version via Origin, or $69.99 for the Digital Deluxe edition.

For the uninitiated, players fill the role of the Inquisitor, a newcomer who’s literally fallen from the sky at the beginning of the game. From the very moment you hit the ground in the mythical world of Thedas, you’re persecuted. Thanks to the special magic that now inhabits your hand, you realize that you can now close these bizarre tears in reality that have opened up all over the world known as Rifts. It's a gripping narrative to get started with, but where the game truly shines is its commitment to familiar BioWare convention with fleshed-out relationships, NPCs you grow to care for, and mechanics that work with you rather than against you.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a bustling world filled with quests upon quests and a sizable chunk of content that's well worth the entrance price, especially with the DLC available to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Personally, I'd recommend spending the entire six hours wandering around and getting a feel for the battle system and the story itself, however, as it can be a very divisive title for those just getting into the Western RPG genre and even seasoned players. If you're coming into the game fresh from Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age 2, however, you should feel right at home, even with the multiple tweaks to have been made to the different internal systems.