Subscribe To PlayOn Offers TV/Netflix Support For Xbox 360, PS3, Wii And iPhone Updates
Uh oh, it looks like Hulu Plus isn’t the only TV/movie alternative for people tired of paying for cable or just want a digital alternative for watching movies or television programs with their PC or console. PlayOn is currently available for PC and can stream to game consoles for easy access...there's even an app for the iPhone.

Gamers, movie buffs, television aficionados and coach potato connoisseurs alike will be pleased to know that your only alternative to cable television is not Hulu Plus. There’s actually another, cheaper method that visual projection enthusiasts can check into for an annual $20 service fee. Heck, that’s not bad at all considering how much Comcast and AT&T charge.

A new iPhone HTML 5 app is also on the way and will be available beginning on August 3rd. If you’re remotely interested in the new service be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website for more details.

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