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The latest NPD figures are in for January 2015 and it looks like Sony’s PlayStation 4 has returned to the front of the pack, overtaking the Xbox One and Wii U in monthly sales. While only a handful of big games launched last month, Dying Light managed to earn the top spot, proving that gamers are not yet tired of smashing zombies with blunt objects.

Following the release of a couple of big exclusives and a $50 price drop through the holiday season, the Xbox One managed to lead the charge through November and December, finally surpassing the PlayStation 4 after about a year in second place.

Now that the holiday shopping surge is over, though, it looks like gamers are once again in the mood for a PlayStation 4, with Sony’s console returning to the number one spot in sales, followed by the Xbox One and Wii U. As a side note, this was apparently the best January ever for Microsoft’s new console, so second place is still treating the Xbox One quite nicely (even if there’s only ever been one other January in the XBO’s past). As for the Wii U, January’s figures were up 30 percent compared to last year so, again, not too shabby.

Additional interesting stats pulled from Neogaf include the fact that overall hardware sales were down about 23 percent from the same period of time in 2014. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise, though, as two brand new home consoles launched in late 2013 and were finally making their way back to store shelves (to be instantly snapped up) in January of 2014.

As for software sales, the top 10 looks like basically what you would expect, boasting a handful of new games and a bunch of heavy hitters from last year as gamers figure out what to spend all of their holiday cash on.

In first was newcomer Dying Light, a game that lets you sprint through the zombie apocalypse with an aluminum baseball bat in hand. It’s a great game and absolutely deserving of this strong first month showing.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare took second for the month, followed by Grand Theft Auto V in third, Minecraft in fourth and NBA 2K15 rounding out the top five.

Games six through 10 included, in order, Super Smash Bros., Far Cry 4, Madden NFL 15, Destiny and FIFA 15.

So, did your favorite game from the month make the cut in January? Any thoughts on PS4 returning to the top seller spot? Do you think this newest $50 price drop for the Xbox One will help the console win February? Let us know in the comments section below.

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