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It’s obvious that there are about a million differences between current gen consoles and the next gen machines that will be coming out in just a few weeks. One thing that will remain the same, though, is firmware updates. Sony has one that will be available on launch day for the PlayStation 4, a 300 MB file that actually makes some of the console’s most attractive features available.

In this day and age, this announcement shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. Production of the PlayStation 4 needed to start quite a while back to make sure the consoles were ready for the upcoming launch date. In order to do that, the things were being built with a version of the OS that was current at the time. The team at Sony has spent the past several months fine-tuning said functionality, adding in others, and getting the software side of things ready to roll. This way, once gamers boot up their new console on Nov. 15, they’ll be able to download the most up-to-date, complete software package available.

It’s a bummer that we’ll have to wait for a 300 MB file to download and install before actually getting to enjoy our new consoles, but thems the breaks in this modern age of technology.

Sony’s social Media Manager, Sid Shuman said that this day-one update has been dubbed 1.50, and it will pack in a rather large number of features Sony has been touting for its upcoming console. So what all have they crammed into those 300 MB? The answer is, “quite a lot,” actually.

For starters, remote play and second screen options are included in the patch. Remote play will allow gamers to enjoy the vast majority of their PS4 gaming content on the PlayStation Vita using a Wi-Fi connection. So if someone else needs to use the TV for a marathon of Everybody Loves Raymond, you can head to the bedroom with your Vita in hand and continue the Killzone Shadow Fall campaign. As for second screen, that’s the option that will let you use a PS4 app on your Vita or mobile device to interact with certain PS4 games.

This update will also include the streaming, recording, sharing features Sony touted so much at this year’s conventions, including the ability to instantly make videos of your last 15 minutes of gameplay, take screenshots, load that content to the internet and also stream your play sessions on the console and via services like Twitch and Ustream.

The ability to play a game while it downloads is also included in 1.50. So once you get the patch, you won’t need to wait for your first downloaded game to finish up before you can dive right in and start playing.

The Party voice chat features, facial recognition and voice commands, background music player and online multiplayer are also included in the launch update, as well as the ability to watch Blu-ray movies and DVDs.

Finally, multiple log-ins are available with patch 1.50, meaning that up to four people can sign into their own accounts in a single game, use their own characters and save files, and earn their own trophies individually.

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