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It's been one entire day and the PlayStation 4 has officially launched to local retailers nationwide, providing gamers with the unadulterated next-generation experience that only Sony could provide with the PlayStation brand. Mission accomplished.

Gamers have been able to dabble in the day-one dealings of the PlayStation 4, assuming they're able to connect to the PlayStation Network and get their day-one patch that enables them to do everything else that doesn't include playing games. That's also taking into account that gamers bothered to actually buy software that wasn't completely ripped to shreds by gaming media like a three-pawed rabbit tossed into a den of ravenous, red-eyed coyotes hocked up on Mountain Dew.

Of course, there's also the other minor issue of having to use wrist ballet and plug in the HDMI cable correctly lest you fall victim to the HDMI signal disease.

If you can survive the network issues and the HDMI hiccup, you might find yourself dealing with a slightly different issue, one that seems to only plague Amazon users. These angry customers adopted Metacritic mentality and 1-star bombed the PS4's page with constant and repeated negative reviews, with the biggest issue being Amazon's shipping process, since the box arrives at doorsteps looking about as beat up and raggedy as if it got into a fight with Chuck Norris. This spawns from the obvious fact that Amazon should have used Jean-Claude Van Damme's splits-kick to knock the PS4 boxes into the back of trucks, which would have kept them clean and pristine when arriving at doorsteps.

All the huffing and gruffing over a lack of Van Damme box handling has actually led to NeoGaf going into full meltdown, letting loose unbridled disappointment and adulation in equal measures like a bipolar lottery winner going bankrupt. The threads have become full-up of Antonio Banderas gifs being played in reverse, going from orgasmic to constipated.

Many of the Xboners have joked that the PlayStation 4's launch was like Bush preemptively making claims about winning a war before growing balls big enough to actually fight it. However, despite all the negative news making the rounds like Birthers before getting hold of a certain someone's birth certificate, the launch has only seen – as far as most reports are concerned – a 0.4% failure rate. That's fewer than the amount of decent comments you'll find on Reddit's /r/gaming thread and GameFaqs... combined.

With plenty more native 1080p games on the way, a week's worth of a head start on sales over the competition, and a lot of analytical marketing support suggesting that there will be a two-to-one sales discrepancy between the PS4 and Xbox One heading into 2014, I think it's safe to say that Sony can confidently proclaim: Mission Accomplished.

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