PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will soon have two new playable characters on its roster, giving fighting fans a chance to duke it out as a pair of brawlers you'll likely recognize, God of War's Zeus and Dead Space's Isaac Clarke, on March 19.

Lead Game Designer Seth Killian visited the PlayStation Blog last night to let everyone know about the Sony mascot fighting game's latest additions, including a brand new level called “Graveyard.” Like all levels in Battle Royale, Graveyard mashes two games into one. This time around you'll be waging battle in arenas themed after Medieval and The Unfinished Swan, two great individual tastes that, if previous levels can serve as any indicator, will taste even better together.

But what you really came here to read about are the new fighters. First up is Zeus, the father of Olympus. Killian explains that Zeus will provide a second option for players who prefer the slower heavy hitters with an arsenal that makes him extremely dangerous at close range. And, of course, there will be lots of lightning.

Next up is Isaac Clarke of Dead Space fame. Clarke has a lot of nifty weaponry and gadgets to use while fighting his home series' necromorphs, so it should come as no surprise that he'll be bringing all of those wonderful toys to the party in Battle Royale, making him a versatile mid-range fighter.

Like with the previously released new level, Graveyard will be available to everyone in ranked online play and cost $1.99 for those who want to be able to play it offline or in custom online match-ups. The characters, though, will set you back $4.99 a pop.

But wait, there's more! If you happen to pick up God of War: Ascension on March 12, you'll find a handy little voucher in the game case giving you these new characters free of charge. The characters and levels will become available on March 19, which is when you can either buy them yourself or plug in your God of War code and download Zeus and Clarke at no extra charge.

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