While a massive AAA game might turn out to be a stinker and Developer X might be made or broken on the back of their latest offering, there are a few things in the world of gaming that are easy to predict. Nintendo will rely on its pillar IPs until the end of time, Suda 51’s games will be street-rat crazy and the end of the year means everyone and their mother will be compiling some sort of “best of” list for their fellow gamers to consider, including the PlayStation Blog.

This time of year is always good for reminiscing about the past 12 months in gaming, selecting which titles you enjoyed the most, and then having people explain to you why your personal selections based on your own preferences are, in fact, wrong.

We’ve already begun the process here at Gaming Blend, with Pete, Will and I already discussing our landmark games of the generation. Our “best of 2013” lists are in the works with a few other surprises coming down the pipeline. But while we (and every other games team on the internet) gear up to make our own selections, the PlayStation Blog has decided to let its readers in on the action.

As in years past, the PlayStation Blog is once again hosting a Game of the Year contest, allowing readers to select their favorite games for the PlayStation 4, PS3, Vita and more. To take part, all you have to do is head on over to the website, click the box for your favorite game in the various categories, then sit back and wait for the final tally to be revealed. There’s even a section for write-in votes, just in case you don’t feel like selecting one of the dozen or so games pre-selected for each category.

There’s a pretty quick turnaround on this whole process, so you might want to get a move on if you want to make sure your vote is counted in this most prestigious of selection processes. Polls close at 6 p.m. Pacific Time this Sunday, Dec. 22. Along with the fan-voted selections, the Sony blog team will also be making their own picks, which should make for some good conversation when all of the winners are revealed next Monday.

In total, you’re only being asked to vote on five categories. Participants are then asked to discuss their selections in the comments section. Just remember that everything about this type of selection process is subjective; there is no “absolute best” of anything and it’s all based on our own opinions. In other words, understand that everyone has different tastes and that, while you might not agree with someone else’s selection, that doesn’t make either of you wrong. Unless you vote for Call of Duty. Call of Duty is always wrong.

I kid, I kid! But, just to get the ball rolling, I’ll list my selections for each category, and I’ll limit myself to no write-in selections. PS4 Game: Resogun. PS3 Game: The Last of Us. PS Vita Game: Tearaway. Best Digital Release: Hotline Miami. Most Anticipated Game of 2014: Dark Souls II. (Those last three categories were actually pretty tough selections. Good, good stuff.)

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