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Following the Game Awards 2014, there's even more in store for those visiting Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend as Sony will be hosting their very own PlayStation Experience, which will contain panels for those attending in person and live-streams for gamers the world around.

The official PlayStation blog rolls out a very detailed list of the different discussions and games that will be present at the event.

Things kick off in Hall A early at 10:00am PST with the PlayStation Experience keynote speech. I imagine anyone who is attending the conference couldn't stay up too late for the after-party of the Game Awards 2014 or else they might miss the keynote.

The big opening will be followed by the Battlefield Hardline panel in the Palazzo Ballroom at 1:00pm. If you have no interest in militarized police simulators, you can stick with Hall A and check out the live-panel for the new era of virtual reality, or head on over to Palazzo Ballroom A & B for a LittleBigPlanet retrospective, which is unlikely to include all the bugs and glitches in LittleBigPlanet 3.

At 3:00pm there's a God of War retrospective. And don't worry, the game is apparently still available for sale in Australia. Alongside the retrospective for the game that David Jaffe helped put on the map is a live-panel called “Storytelling in Video Games”, discussing the evolving model of storytelling in games.

There's a pretty interesting panel on the journey of Diablo III heading to the PS4, but between this and the God of War retrospective is a look at No Man's Sky and a panel by Giant Sparrow, the folks behind the gorgeous game, The Unfinished Swan.

Moving deep into the afternoon, at 4:30pm, there's a showcase of the community creations for LittleBigPlanet 3, which should be very, very interesting... because if they try to play the game live and in person, be prepared to see a lot of digital spaghetti spillage.

Moving slightly further into dusk, there's a neat little Hohokum live music jam featuring Ghostly International DJ’s Shigeto & Michna. That should be a really interesting thing to witness.

The night rounds out with something special for No Man's Sky, which is supposedly going to be a timed exclusive for the PS4. The game also made a brief appearance at the Games Awards 2014, featuring some brand new gameplay footage and exploration.

That pretty much wraps up day one...

Oh, you didn't know? There are two days full of weekend extravaganzas. The second day is filled to the brim with just as many games, panels, revelations and play-experiences. Anyone attending in person will probably have a sensory-overloard from all the content that's scheduled to be unveiled and made available for public entertainment consumption.

Sony has been putting a lot of effort into the PlayStation brand, taking control of the market in a very dominant and forceful way. With all the first-party exclusives and timed third-party exclusives, the PS4 is looking like a beastly console to own for 2015 with some very noteworthy titles coming to the console.

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