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Fans of Capcom's original Devil May Cry series will be able to hop in on the action right now on PlayStation Now. The cloud streaming service is now playing host to the likes of the original Devil May Cry games along with Capcom's Dark Void, Final Fight and Darkstalkers: Resurrection.

GameSpot took note of the news after Sony released a new video highlighting the five new games that you can check out in the promotional video highlighting the releases for Sony's streaming service.

The video basically highlights Capcom games, since these are the ones recently added to the ever-growing library of PlayStation Now. The Devil May Cry HD Collection containing the first three games has been added to the line-up along with Devil May Cry 4, giving fans a nice heaping helping of all four of the original games made in-house. Capcom wisely avoided the very controversial DmC: Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory, which was a competent game but was not what fans wanted out of a reboot of their favored series.

Dark Void has been part of the line-ups of free games on various platforms lately, so it's not surprising to see it pop up once again for the PlayStation Now service. The game has some serious DRM issues on PC now that it's no longer properly supported, so it's probably best to get the game on home console if you are actually inclined to play the title. It's not a bad game just a very mediocre third-person shooter with some neat concepts involving three-dimensional verticality, with players being able to go up, in, around and out of structures with various gravity-defying moments and a lot of action fueled by jetpack-oriented gameplay.

Darkstalkers: Resurrection is a nice throwback to a classic that's been shelved by Capcom for years. According to legendary producer Yoshinori Ono, there just isn't enough demand from the FGC to revive Darkstalkers at the moment. Maybe if they come up with something truly unique to stand out from the crowd they might be able to make something of it.

Final Fight: Double Impact is a standard re-release of the arcade version of the older titles made available on the PS3 and Xbox 360. If you're not savvy with using emulation I suppose this wouldn't be a bad purchase, but renting a re-release of an arcade game on the PS3 for the PS4 seems like an overly complicated (and very expensive) way to play a classic set of games.

Anyway, each game can be rented individually or gamers can pay a $20 flat fee a month to play and stream any game they like from PlayStation Now.

The service has been criticized for its lacking library and expensive price tag just to rent titles. However, streaming through the cloud is expensive and instead of offering a true backwards compatible mode, this was Sony's way to solve that problem. They now boast over 300 titles on PlayStation Now, but support within the gaming community has not really risen, especially when you compare it to the more affordable and consumer-friendly backwards compatible option that Microsoft provided for the Xbox One.

Regardless of the console war, you can check out the five titles right now on the PlayStation Now streaming service for the PS3, PS4, select Sony smart TVs and the PlayStation Vita.

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