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Well that happened a lot sooner than we all thought. Sony wasn't messing around when they mentioned that Gaikai would be a big part of the PlayStation universe, as they've unveiled the first bit of demonstration footage showing how the cloud service will be used to stream legacy PlayStation titles for newer devices and products at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

The first video comes courtesy of Game Source, showing off Beyond: Two Souls in action, but nothing really happens, so it's hard to get a gauge on the service from that video alone. The PR rep on hand also offers lots of vague and useless information other than that the service will be available for the PS4, Bravia TV and PS Vita this summer with additional announcements planned to be made at a later date.

PS3 News managed to post up a 16 second video of God of War 3 running on the PS4, but there's too little to see to know how well the latency or controls work via streaming. You can check out the video below.

The third video is probably the most honest, even though it's a bit long winded. It appears to hang a few times during the loading and cinematics while trying to play Puppeteer.

The video below, featuring the PS3 game in action on the PS4, looks pretty tight. The platforming appears to be spot on and there's no visible hang-ups as far as latency and packet drops go. However, we all know it will come and it will happen at some point... but just like an audit, you'll never see it coming.

For the most part, I'm fairly impressed with what Sony is showcasing with the PlayStation Now streaming service. The company has yet to talk much about the PlayStation Remix patent, which might allow for Trophy support to carry over into classic PSX and PS2 titles.

The PlayStation Now service is aimed at being subscription-based and will come with various pay-models for rich and poor kids alike. Also, your current library of games from the PS3 on back will not carry over into compatibility or subscription discounts for the streaming service.

The beta for PlayStation Now will get underway at the end of the month, as Sony preps to go live with the service this summer. I imagine we'll get some very detailed video showcases at this year's E3.

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