From soccer to mind manipulation, this week’s latest offerings for the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection come from very different sides of the spectrum as the PlayStation 3 crowd gets to dive into Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 while PlayStation 4 gamers are afforded the opportunity to Stick it to the Man. There’s also a healthy dose of discounts, including an Activision sale for those in need of a meatier backlog, all arriving this afternoon.

First up, let’s take a gander at those new Instant Game Collection titles. For those who are somehow not in the know as to how the Plus program works, basically you pay $50 a year for access to various gaming features on your Sony consoles (Cloud save storage and automatic updates on the PS3, online gaming on the PS4, etc.) as well as access to a rotating list of “free” games and access to a whole bunch of exclusive discounts, betas, yadda-yadda-yadda. New games rotate into the Instant Game Collection on about a weekly basis and, so long as you’re a subscriber, you’re allowed to keep those games for as long as you want.

May’s IGC begins with Stick it to the Man for the PlayStation 4, a dark 2D adventure game that lets the player solve puzzles, avoid obstacles and progress the story by reading the minds of other characters and actually altering the way that they think. It’s a nifty little concept that is perhaps better shown than explained, hence the video embedded right meow…

If you’re gaming on the PlayStation 3, then your shiny new game is Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 which, in case the game’s title wasn’t a dead giveaway, is all about the wonderful world of competitive footy (that’s soccer for us Yanks).

As is becoming something of a tradition with PlayStation as of late, there’s also a rather large roster of discounted titles to weed through this week, specifically from the folks at Activision. While everyone on PlayStation Network will be able to get these games at a discount, Plus subscribers get to take a little extra off, just for being so damn sexy. The full list can be found right here but, as a sneak peek, we’re looking at offerings like Prototype 2 for $17.99, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for $26.99 and Cabela’s African Adventures for $17.99.

A couple of other titles are also getting discounted for Plus this week, including the Vita visual novel, Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi, for $27.19 and the cross-platform old-school shooter with a high-tech coat of paint, Titan Attacks! for $10.79.

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