The final week of April is upon us, which means it is also time to close shop on the PlayStation Plus offerings for the month. This week, you’ll be getting a copy of Velocity Ultra to add to your Instant Game Collection on the PlayStation Vita, as well as discounts on a couple of new titles and a pocketful of deals for Golden Week.

Let’s kick things off with that new game for fans of portable gaming, shall we? A while back, a game named Velocity arrived on the scene as a PlayStation Mini, playable on the PSP and PS3 and allowing gamers to go on a vertically-scrolling space shooter adventure that featured some pretty nifty mechanics; namely the ability to warp around the screen.

Velocity flew under the radar a bit, but managed to nab the attention of several games reviewers and writers who hailed it as one of the best titles nobody was playing. The game took the familiar space combat genre and turned it on its ear, forcing characters to focus on more than just dodging bullets and hitting the shoot button. There were other characters to save and, like I said above, the ability to teleport around the screen proved to be a challenging, yet rewarding mechanic.

Fast forward to 2013 and an updated version of the game, Velocity Ultra, is now cruising around on the Vita, adding in even more content, spit-shining the graphics and maintaining all of that wonderful skill-based flying. If you happen to be one of the folks who still hasn’t played the game yet, then you’ll be happy to hear that it will be the latest addition to the Instant Game Collection once the PlayStation Blog goes live this afternoon. Download it, give it a spin and see what all of the fuss is about.

Yesterday, we announced that the PlayStation Network would be hosting a special promotion in honor of Golden Week, spotlighting games created by Japanese developers. While everyone who drops by the PlayStation Store this week will enjoy discounts of up to 50 percent off of select titles, Plus subscribers will be able to stretch those savings up to 75 percent off.

The full list of discounted games can be found here, but a few Plus-specific examples include Atelier Totori Plus for 20 bucks, Chrono Cross for 3.49, Rain fr $3.75 and Zone of the Enders HD Collection for $10.49.

A few of this week’s new releases will also see Plus discounts, including Wolfenstein: The New Order pre-order for $53.99, Rambo for $31.99 and Daylight for $9.59.

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