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It’s taken a bit longer than usual to get the announcement out, but Sony has finally pulled back the curtain on March’s PlayStation Plus offerings, a collection of six titles to be added to your Instant Game Collection this very afternoon.

Usually Sony is pretty early with its monthly Plus announcements, letting players know about a week early what they can expect to make the cut. Each month, a pair of games for each of Sony’s systems (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) get rotated into the lineup, giving everyone a little something extra to enjoy on top of their annual online access subscription.

Sony remained silent throughout the final week of February, however, announcing heading into the weekend that they would spill the details as soon as everything was finalized. A subsequent update let everyone know that the announcement wouldn’t actually arrive until this week and, as promised, all of the details are finally live on the PlayStation Blog. You don’t have all that long to be giddy with anticipation, however, as the week’s update could go live any hour now, meaning you can soon just download the actual games and get to playing them.

For whatever reason, this had quite a few fans in something of a tizzy, freaking out that the announcement had not been made and taking to twitter and message boards with questions like, “what am I paying $50 a year for?” If you’re asking something like that, I have to assume that you literally don’t already know the answer, which leaves quite a bit of room for concern.

While Sony has not stated what caused the delay for the announcement, the games themselves will be right on time. I’m guessing there was some final piece of a contract that needed to fall into place or something, and Sony didn’t want to make any sort of official statement until they had the all clear. Considering one of the games is actually a launch title, they may have simply been waiting to make sure the game was actually ready for prime time. Either way, here’s that damn list we’ve all been waiting for.

On the PlayStation 4 front, it’s a little old mixed with a little new. The HD remake of a PSX classic, Oddworld: Abe’s Odysee – New ‘n’asty will be joined by the critically beloved Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

If you’re gaming on the PS3, then you can look forward to the unique puzzle adventure about parenting, loss and alcohol abuse in Papo & Yo, teamed up with some clever crime solving in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments.

Finally, over to the PlayStation Vita, keep your eye out for CounterSpy and the follow-up to the hugely successful grind-a-thon, OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood.
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