The clever puzzler Thomas Was Alone joins the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection on the PlayStation 3 today, offering up a blocky good time (you'll get it when you see the game in action) alongside the military third-person shooter Unit 13 for the PlayStation Vita. There's also a bunch of discounts to enjoy, including sales on oodles of Grand Theft Auto content.

This week's Plus update is pretty hefty, cramming in a pair of new games for subscribers to enjoy at no additional cost on top of their subscription, as well as savings on games like the newly released Luftrausers and Steamworld Dig. If this week's batch of new content isn't enough to get you excited, there's also some nice discounts on a handful of already cheap games to enjoy, like Atomic Ninjas and The Impossible Game.

But let's start with the free games, shall we? First up is Thomas Was Alone for the PS3, a puzzle platformer starring a cast of squares and rectangles. No, I'm serious. And even more surprising is the fact that each of these geometrical shapes actually has a unique personality, perfectly illustrated by the game's voice over artist, Danny Wallace. It sort of needs to be played to be appreciated, which Plus subscribers can do starting today at no additional charge.

Also a new member of the Instant Game Collection is the Vita shooter, Unit 13. You and/or your online partner will take on a multitude of short, objective-focused missions in this squad-based shooter from the team that originally brought you Socom. Go in guns blazing or try for a more stealthy approach? The road to your objectives is up to you, and you've got an entire team of specialized soldiers ready to help you get in and out without being seen or make it rain bullets from start to finish.

The Spring Fever 2014 sale continues this week, celebrating new indie launches and offering discounts on beloved franchises. A pair of new games are receiving the sale treatment this week, including the PS3/Vita cross-buy aerial shooter, Luftrausers and the exploration/adventure game that's cross-buy for the PS4 and Vita, Steamworld Dig. Both games are $9.99 regular, or $7.99 as part of the Spring Fever promotion.

The GTA series is also being discounted this week, offering lower prices on everything from Grand Theft Auto IV to Chinatown Wars and Vice City Stories. A handful of random discounts are also up for grabs, including Atomic Ninjas for $2.09, Foosball 2012 for the same price, and Real Boxing for five bucks.

Look for all of that to go live later this afternoon when the PlayStation Network offers up its regular weekly update.

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