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In case regular sales, a monthly rotation of downloadable games for three consoles and various other goodies weren’t quite enough, Sony has today announced PS Plus Specials, exclusive discounts on all sorts of games and DLC for more recent titles.

Revealed today through the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Specials gives subscribers to Sony’s annual games service even more bang for their buck, knocking a few bucks off of the price tag for various digital goods.

“In addition to the latest top titles at a sweet discount, these limited-time sale events will offer select DLC bundles exclusively to PS Plus members,” said Sony Network Entertainment Digital Distribution Manager Chieh Chen.

Chen goes on to explain that the PlayStation Special discounts will offer a rotating roster of savings, on what sounds like a weekly basis. There seems to be a flash sale on PlayStation Network about every week or two these days, so I guess this is just another collection of discounts players have to look forward to on a weekly basis.

Since these are newer titles we’re talking about, you shouldn’t expect to see deep discounts of 80 percent off or anything like that. But if there’s a newer game you’ve been considering getting, I’m assuming that having a few dollars shaved off of the asking price can only sweeten the deal.

You can hit that original link to check out the full inaugural lineup, but deals include the likes of Bloodborne for $47.99 and Dragon Ball Xenoverse for $44.99

The Order: 1886 has been reduced to $47.99, with Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin getting a discount on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

If you’ve been holding out for twin-stick shooter Helldivers, the “Turning up the heat edition” has been discounted on all three PlayStation platforms, too.

The internet being, well, the internet, I expected reactions to be somewhere along the lines of “You’re only knocking a few dollars off and you still have the nerve to call this a sale?! I’m going to eat your babies!” but the comments section caught me off guard with generally favorable remarks. Again, games are only a few months old, tops, so any discount should be seen as another nice perk for signing up with Plus.

If I may make a couple of suggestions, Helldivers is a rad indie title that requires a lot more strategy, teamwork and careful execution than your typical twin-stick shooter, so that’s one you’ll definitely want to consider. I’m also a huge fan of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, so that certainly gets a nod here. And then there is Bloodborne, of course, which is being offered for more than 10 bucks off the regular price. The same goes for the enhanced version of Dark Souls II, which is getting the same discount.
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