You know that feeling of confusion and betrayal you get when you walk into one of your favorite stores shortly after a remodel? Everything looks different, you don't know where anything is, that sort of thing? But then, after a while, you start to like said changes and realize that maybe, just maybe, the store is better than it ever was. Well, all of that was a roundabout way of me telling you that the PlayStation Store will be receiving a pretty dramatic overhaul come next week.

Sorry to beat around the bush on that one. But I know how you get when it comes to change and I wanted to find the softest way to deliver the blow. We're going to get through this together. I promise.

In all serious, though, what little is being shown of the overhaul is looking pretty dang nice. This news comes from VG24/7, who found out about Sony's plans for the store at a press event in London. If you live in Europe (Or have a naughty, naughty European account despite the fact you do not actually live there), you can expect to see your store relaunch on Oct. 17. We Yanks will have to wait an additional week with the U.S. store getting updated on Oct. 23.

Other than a “more visually oriented store-front,” several other major and minor tweaks are being made to the PS Store, including tabs on the home page that make it easier to choose between games and video content.

Sony is describing the new tab system as a “carousel set-up,” and the search function is receiving a major upgrade to improve results when looking for something in particular. You can even spell things incorrectly and, theoretically, still be directed to the desired content. Also, the PSP and Vita will now be updated under their own tabs, making it easier to view only the content for the device you want.

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