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The first downloadable content pack for Portal 2 has arrived. The Peer Review DLC, enhancing the two-player co-op mode of the game, is now available on the PC, Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360.

"Peer Review" continues the adventures of the robot duo P-Body and Atlas. They have to work together to complete a new co-op test track. Murderous A.I. GLaDOS will return with her special brand of insulting commentary.

Also included in "Peer Review" is a Challenge Mode, playable in the single-player or co-op modes. The game will score your performance and then rank you on online leaderboards. It's a way to encourage you to go back and replay the levels. Also, it's the closest thing the game has to a competitive multiplayer mode.

The DLC is free to download on all platforms. You'll have to manually download it for the PS3 or Xbox 360 (it's about a gig). It will be automatically added to your game on PC and Mac.

Portal 2 is also the subject of a "Midweek Madness" sale on Steam. You can grab the PC/Mac version for $14.99 instead of the usual $29.99. The discount will expire on Thursday, October 6th.