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Postal 3 developers Running With Scissors and Akella want to help out the people who protest the game. They're letting you know in advance exactly who Postal 3 will caricature so you can write up your angry press releases now.

"As for douchebags, there are many! For example, the Ecotologists debut in Postal III. They are a zesty blend of PETA and Scientology led by a guy suspiciously reminiscent of Al Gore," said Running With Scissor's Steve Wik in an interview with UGDB. "Krotchy and roving gangs of vicious Hockey Moms stir up plenty of trouble and then there’s always Al Qaeda…"

Added Akella's Andrew Belkin: "And a gay cowboy riding a berserk rhino!"

They also mention that you'll run afoul of some cosmetic test monkeys. They're probably not kidding about any of that, either. Hell, Postal 2 let you piss on people. A gay cowboy doesn't seem like a stretch for them.

The first couple Postal games each have a Metacritic score of about 50% but maybe the third installment will manage to entertain someone while pissing off various sections of society. It'll be released for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.