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Prince of Persia won't need coffee to wake up this fine Monday morning. Instead, a supposed screenshot from an upcoming reboot of the series should provide the necessary jolt.

The screenshot shows a large, dark-skinned man standing on a platform in a village. A crowd of townspeople are gathered around him. Is this man supposed to be the new Prince? He looks a lot different from his predecessors. There's no way he could be played by Jake Gyllenhaal in a shitty movie adaptation.

The bottom of the screenshot reads "PoP Zero 2." The NeoGAF user who found the screenshot on the official Prince forums explains that this is Ubisoft's second attempt at a fresh reboot of the series. The first "PoP Zero" was going to take place in the modern day.

The NeoGAF user adds that Ubisoft was previously making a "God of War meets Shadow of the Colossus" IP for next-gen. He speculates that this idea was adapted to become a PoP game. That would suggest that this reboot is a lot more combat-oriented than previous installments of the series.

The screenshot seems to depict an open-world design for the game. The PoP series typically had more linear levels but there's no reason that a sand-box structure couldn't work. The burly protagonist and possible hack-and-slash design are bound to be more controversial. PoP was always about agile platforming and puzzles with some light combat mixed in.

Ubisoft hasn't confirmed that this screenshot is legitimate yet. I assume they won't until they're ready to announce the game itself, assuming it exists.

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