Project CARS Proves It's The Crysis Of Racing Games

Slightly Mad Studios released alpha version .179 for the community driven project, Project CARS. The latest build features new point-to-point race tracks from California, and the new trailer is just immersive beyond words. In simple terms, Project CARS is like the Crysis of racing games.

The near eight-minute trailer shows off a very, very detailed point-to-point race in a prototype car and the sound alone will just floor you. Be sure to turn the volume up high so you can enjoy the hum of the engine, and be sure to listen closely as you can hear the chassis rattle over rough bumps. It's amazing. Check it out below.

It's hard to believe this is community driven. It really is hard to wrap my head around such a gorgeous game, near-photorealistic not being published by an AAA publisher. I guess times really are changing and if this is the kind of change we can look forward to from developers connecting directly with gamers, then I'm willing to embrace it with open arms.

A basic list of features have also surfaced on the official website [via Blues], with things such as DX11 multi-threaded deferred context rendering making the cut, along with improved AI, additional cars and new liveries for some of the vehicles.

You can check out the complete list of updates along with new screenshots over at the Official Project CARS Website. The game is scheduled to release later this year for PC and possibly home consoles.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.