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Oh my goodness. This is heart attack footage right here. There's never been a game with the kind of sound quality and racing precision like that of Project CARS; and while I've always enjoyed and praised Slightly Mad Studios for the incomparable sound accuracy captured from the cars in the game, the video above just takes it to the next level and destroys the competition.

Jonz, a very creative member of the game community who plays Project CARs – and a fellow who has been putting out some of the absolute best trailers ever – has returned with this newest video that will have you cranking up the volume... or not – I mean, you might have some old, pesky neighbors who are always complaining to you about keeping the volume down, even though you can hear them bumping and grinding late into the weekend nights.

Anyway, the video above, as spotted by DSO Gaming, uses all 12 minutes to give gamers a dynamic look and representation of the sound contained within Project CARS. Several cars are spotlighted and we get to hear how raw the sound is for the game whether you're listening from the outside, watching in a replay or directly from the confines of the cockpit.

The thing that separates Project CARS from its big rivals in Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport is that the sound is just untamed. You can almost feel the engines roaring from each of the cars. It's primal.

By comparison, you can hear how the Pagani Zonda sounds in both Gran Turismo and Forza 5 below; scoff at their pettiness.

So much peasantry.

The above games always had the problem where I found myself in the options menu, constantly turning up the engine volume and still noticing that it never felt like the engines were roaring to life the way they do in real life.

It almost seems as if Project CARS is in a league all its own. The only thing it'll lack on the home consoles is the same level of customization you'll get from the PC version. Other than that, the physics systems, handling, graphics, weather system and tracks – everything is a literal evolution from the racing games currently on the market. This will also mark the first true racing simulator made available for the Wii U.

Greatness arrives this fall for home consoles and PC when Project CARS launches. You can learn more about this crowd-funded game by visiting the official website.

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