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Project CARS is part of the new wave of media marketing that's not being handled by a professional marketing team. Any and everything that everyone knows about Project CARS is not coming from your typical press representatives or media managers channeling and trying to control what gamers see, feel and think about a product. Instead, Project CARS is the brainchild of a new experiment by Slightly Mad Studios where the entirety of the game's promotional persona and girth is exercised by community engagement. In other words, gamers are the marketers.

Anyone with early access to the alpha of Project CARS due to the crowd-funding drive by SMS can cut, edit and publish videos and screenshots of Project CARS for public consumption. The latest trailer for the game is a beautifully cut trailer from Terminator-SSD on YouTube, who edited together his gameplay footage and matched it up with Enya's timeless “Only Time”.

The song isn't particularly new, as it's been around since the early aughts, but it was reinvigorated in modern day pop-culture thanks to that new Volvo commercial that went viral featuring action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, you can check the trailer out here in case you somehow missed it.

As for Project CARS... the trailer is an exemplary piece of cascaded gameplay that shows gamers that you don't need a massive budget or ridiculous trick-photography and editing to make the game look dynamic and engaging.

We get to see the physics in play in a very real way, such as when the Mitsubishi Lancer takes the corner at a higher speed than it should and the tires get some extra spin off the lift while lightly sliding out of the apex. It's a marvelous little bit of detail that shows just how much the physics play a role in the way the cars handle.

You also get to see a little bit of swivel from the McLaren coming down the straightaway and breaking before entering the turn, as there's a slight hint at a shift in the car's weight prepping to go wide. It's just so sexy seeing those kind of details like a trinket of gold in a family heirloom.

Project CARS hasn't been on the forefront of full praises, though. The game has undergone a measure of criticisms for its lack of realistic physics for all the cars and it has also come under fire for not quite living up to the simulation aspects as found in games like Kuno Simulazioni's Assetto Corsa or the top-tier physics racer, rFactor 2.

Project CARS is set for release later in 2014 for the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and PC. This definitely seems like the kind of game to get for either PC or Wii U, for sure.

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