The PlayStation Mobile library continues to slowly grow and, starting yesterday, Heavy Spectrum’s Puzziball joined those ranks, bringing classic ball maze gameplay to the market with some new, videogamey twists.

It’s probably a safe bet that most people have played a ball maze game at some point in their life. You know, those games where you tilt the play field and guide a small marble through a set of obstacles to reach the end goal? Well, not that experience has been brought to the mobile market, complete with some clever new mechanics to keep things interesting. A PlayStation Mobile game, Puzziball is playable on Sony smartphones and tablets, as well as the PlayStation Vita.

Heavy Spectrum’s Matt Birch recently visited the PlayStation Blog to drop a few details about the game.

“[Puzziball] came about from a desire to create something tactile and engaging,” Birch said. “This time, however, we focused on sliding your fingers and how that could translate into a game which ‘felt’ like a physical object.”

In Puzziball, the play field is made up of individual sections called “sliders,” rather than the static field most ball mazes include. The player can slide these fields so that they align in a way that the ball can then be flicked between them, using either the device’s gyroscope or touchscreen. Complicating matters will be an assortment of additional obstacles, including teleporters, bombs, locked doors, etc.

Look for Puzziball now on PlayStation Mobile.

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