Slider puzzle game Quell Memento is headed to the PlayStation Vita, continuing a 20-year-old legacy with touch controls, lovely graphics and soothing aesthetics.

I've played the original Quell on my nook and enjoyed it quite a bit. You control a drop of water in a series of mazes and puzzles, sliding it around as you attempt to accomplish various goals and reach the exit. The game starts off with the most simplistic premise: Which directions, and in which order, will you need to slide the drop to get it to the exit? Traps, locks, levers and more start to complicate matters, making for a nice, relaxing sort of mind-bendy experience.

As you can see from the above video, the upcoming Vita sequel, Quell Memento, keeps those basics intact. But even in this short clip I'm seeing several new mechanics I never experienced in the original game, meaning the developers over at Fallen Tree Games have taken the time to spruce up the formula a bit.

Quell Memento is intended to feel familiar, and to evoke feelings of nostalgia,” said Art Director Lewis Boadle on the PlayStation Blog. “For this reason, we wanted all the elements to be recognizable from the real world (water droplets, pearls and roses, for example). This would mean, we felt, that the player is able to establish the rules of play quickly, because they know that a pearl is valuable, or that a thorn will likely burst a droplet.”

Boadle goes on to say that, while most games aim to make the player feel “excited or stressed,” that the purpose of Quell Memento is to help the player unwind.

With a release date of “soon,” however, there's no telling how long we'll have to wait to kick back, take a deep breath and relax with a round of Quell Memento on the Vita.

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