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Just recently we reported on some news by PlayStationLifeStyle regarding a completely original project in the works for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The news was well received by gamers and even lead to some new revelations regarding Ready at Dawn.

V for VideoGames took thinks a step further by finding out what these new projects were. And thanks to them we now know that there are two in the works. Codenamed R6 and R8 by Ready at Dawn, V For Videogames reported that the company unveiled to them only this tidbit of information along with a quote.

On the website they posted comments from a Ready at Dawn representative, stating, “We are currently working on two titles, codenamed R6 and R8, but no announcement has been made for either of them regarding platforms or release dates.”

Well, we know that it's for the 360 and PS3 because of the article from PSLifeStyle finding out that developers for both consoles were being sought after. So the only real question is whether or not the Wii will be a part of this multi-platform project.

Yep, now I’m completely convinced that the projects are either going to be like God of War, Jak & Daxter or Okami for multiple platforms. Perhaps, maybe, they might be a mix of all three. Who knows? Anyway, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for the official announcement of the new projects by Ready at Dawn and for more news and information regarding all things gaming.